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New Book about Cross-Cultural Communication
"Internationale Kompetenz – Erfolgreich kommunizieren und handeln im Global Business“ by Marion Keup (Gabler, 2010).

Translated into English the book title would read “Cross-cultural competence – how to communicate and be successful in global business”. The book aims at helping German specialists and executives perform better across borders. Case studies of first business contacts, meetings, presentations, teamwork, international project management and foreign assignments show typical pitfalls and how to deal with them. German cultural standards are contrasted to those of the USA, Brazil, China, India, Russia, Japan and some European countries. The book provides not only background information on cultural differences, but also includes checklists and recommendations as well as exercises to develop intercultural sensitivity. In addition, a selection of business English phrases aids effective communication in a foreign language.

Marion KeupAuthor and Trainer
Marion Keup, director of Keup training & coaching in Essen (Germany), is a certified executive coach and qualified communication trainer supporting companies and organisations in their international business activities. Having lived abroad for some years, she combines her practical experience with professional know-how to carry out cross culture trainings as well as expatriate coaching for both Germans on assignment in Brazil or the United States, and foreigners in Germany.

Training and Coaching
Basic cultural awareness trainings for individuals or teams enhance understanding and cooperation and thus improve performance. Intercultural business coaching goes beyond training, provides individual support and tackles specific issues.
Culture-specific trainings “Brazil and USA” address Germans who often work with Brazilians and Americans or want to prepare for an expatriate assignment.
Trainings “Germany” address staff from companies who maintain business contacts, cooperate and negotiate with Germans as well as expatriates (and their families) who are on assignment in Germany. Programmes like “Doing Business with Germans” and “Working in Germany” cater for the needs of these target groups and help avoid typical misunderstandings.

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Intercultural Business English
These trainings not only aim at improving English language skills but also at raising cultural awareness when working in a foreign language. Participants learn how to communicate sensitively and effectively in situations such as socialising and small talk, giving presentations, chairing meetings, leading teams, and managing projects.
Not only Germans profit from this programme, but also native speakers of English, e.g. as members of a German or international team. The focus here is on enhancing awareness of how to use English as a lingua franca, e.g. dealing with the pitfalls of “international English”, applied by non-native speakers.

Soft Skills and Leadership in English
If cross-cultural cooperation is not the main issue, but staff need basic training of soft skills and leadership in English, you can choose from a wide range of topics. For individual support executive coaching is available in English, too.


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